One-page fact sheets produced by the Tritium Awareness Project

Tritium: its production and uses

The Tritium Trail – This sheet follows the fascinating trail of tritium production in CANDU reactors to to polluted rivers and leaking landfills around the world

Tritium: Medical Effects and Lax Canadian Standards

Problems with tritium exit signs

Security risks of SRB’s tritium traffic

Evidence of cancers caused by low-dose radiation

Reports and journal articles

The hazards of tritium – revisited by Dr. Ian Fairlie Nov 2008

Tritium Hazard Report: Pollution and Radiation Risk from Canadian Nuclear Facilities by Dr. Ian Fairlie, June 2007

Advisory Committee on Environmental Standards (ACES) report on A Standard for Tritium (1994)

Tritium: Properties, Metabolism and Dosimetry – Report of the Committee Examining Radiation Risks of Internal Emitters in the United Kingdom

Health Dangers of Tritium Emissions – Tritium dossier prepared by Dr. Gordon Edwards for Mayor Marion Dewar

Dr. Rosalie Bertell Submission to the Ontario Drinking Water Advisory Committee

Health Effects of Tritium This paper and the appendix (below) were prepared by Dr. Rosalie Bertell for a public hearing in 2006 at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission regarding SRB Technologies, the tritium light factory in Pembroke, Ontario

Health Effects of Tritium – Appendix 1

Tritium on Tap – Sierra Club Canada

Tritium Awareness Project