The Tritium Awareness Project is gathering signatures on the following petition which requests that the federal government phase out the use of tritium exit signs in Canada and provide re-tooling assistance to the two factories currently making these lights in Canada, Shield Source Incorporated in Peterborough and SRB Technologies in Pembroke.

Read about the problems with tritium exit signs in the “Documents” section and by clicking on “glow-in-the-dark signs ” in the tag cloud.

If you would like to sign the petition, please download the pdf version, sign page 2, and return the page to Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County, 219 Welland
Street, Pembroke, K8A 5Y5.

Tritium Exit Sign Petition

Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled


1) tritium is a toxic radioactive isotope of hydrogen produced by nuclear reactors;

2) waste tritium from CANDU nuclear reactors is sold to SRB Technologies (Pembroke, Ontario) and Shield Source Incorporated (Peterborough, Ontario) for manufacture of glow-in-the-dark EXIT signs;

3) large quantities of tritium are released to the environment during manufacture of tritium EXIT signs;

4) exposure to tritium can cause genetic mutations, birth defects, cancer and other health problems;

5) the contents of a single tritium EXIT sign, if fully oxidized, would constitute a lethal radiation dose;

6) breakage of EXIT signs has resulted in evacuations and costly cleanups;

7) as EXIT signs age, tritium gas is converted into tritium oxide, which is 20,000 times more dangerous to humans and readily leaches into groundwater;

8) leaching of tritium from discarded EXIT signs in landfills has caused serious groundwater contamination in many countries;

9) Canada allows disposal of tritium EXIT signs in landfills;

10) the US Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, and Environmental Protection Agency all prohibit the use of tritium EXIT signs;

11) safe and inexpensive alternatives to tritium EXIT signs are widely available; and

12) theft of tritium EXIT signs creates security risks

We, the undersigned citizens of Canada call upon the House of Commons to request that the Government of Canada  phase out the manufacture and use of tritium EXIT signs in Canada, and provide re-tooling and/or retraining assistance to current manufacturers and their staff.



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Tritium Awareness Project