Take Action

We can all help to reduce the hazard posed by tritium in Canada.

Here are some ways to do so:

Legislators can

  • enact strict drinking water standards for tritium that allow no more than 2 bq/l (the current background level) of tritium in water supplies
  • force the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to follow International Atomic Energy Agency guidance on regulatory issues, rather than acting as a nuclear energy promoter and neglecting health and environmental protection

Municipal officials can

  • pass resolutions calling for stricter standards for tritium in drinking water and an end to deliberate dumping of tritium into drinking water supplies (Draft Municipal Resolution)

Members of the public can

  • call, email or write to Members of Parliament, Provincial members, and Municipal officials requesting better protection from tritium including tighter standards for tritium in drinking water and reduced emissions from nuclear facilities.
Tritium Awareness Project